But, like all novelty fonts, it must be used sparingly if the amusement it affords is not to degenerate into annoyance. While it makes an excellent titling face, it also makes a fine effect in moderately long texts where italics and bold will not be needed. The calligraphic letterforms keep it piquant but not intrusive. It is therefore an excellent choice for newspaper-style titling, awards and certificates, and similar uses. Note the thickened verticals relative to the horizontals, which is the intrinsic result of this sort of type manipulation. The Filligree series is particularly border-oriented. HERKEL is similar in appearance to a typeface called Harlequin that, in turn, was based on a lettering style often used in turn-of-the-century Art Nouveau lithographic posters.

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Note that although all letters baccus expanded font uppercase, those that result from use of the lowercase keys in some cases are different in form. It is one of the classic “egyptian” slab-serif faces. If you want maximum regularity within its extemporaneous style, stick to either the caps or the lowercase keys. This saves it from the severity baccus expanded font geometric faces tend to have and makes it more inviting and piquant for sleekly style-conscious headings. Even subtler is the slight battering of the outer stems of the M, more often found in serif fonts than in sans.

Its most noticeable characteristic is the squareness of its letterforms, which to some extent straightens out the verticals and horizontals of what would otherwise be round shapes. Postal Service bar coding that, placed on the envelope, can cut costs by permitting Post Office automation to perform optimally.


It is sufficiently regular, however, to be used for fairly long texts without becoming cloying or intrusive.

Use it where you want to make an impression and remain amusing but not slapstick. Our version is similar in appearance to a Font Bureau revival called Desdemona. It gives up its text reluctantly, but the puzzle it poses is so ingeniously worked out that few will resent the impediment to reading unless you over-use the font.

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It is characterized by long ascenders and sharp serifs. The monospaced caps-only alphabet, while necessary baccus expanded font maintain the intended appearance, doesn’t lend itself to anything but brief, headline uses. It is expandrd for display use in any context where a Jewish flavor is needed. While the original comprises only numerals and a few symbols, Compstyle offers a fnot character set and has been redrawn for legibility by human eyes, rather than bank equipment.

Unlike some, Fox Trot does not resort to a simulation of hand-made inaccuracies.

It offers excellent clarity and legibility, yet it maintains a strong personality through the fine, brush-like modulation of the stroke weights, giving it an airy quality that is both attractive and useful, even for fairly long texts. Fonr can be used successfully for titling in everything from advertising to books.

Baccus Regular truetype font

In contrast to all the ultra-condensed faces that presently are very popular, an expanded face of this sort suggests mobility and expansiveness. The brush script is baccus expanded font stylized, with squared-off terminals that, in some characters, suggest a broad pen more than a brush. Used that way, and confined to very short heads, it can be an amusing means of announcing anything with gustatory associations.

It’s not easy to read, so take care how you use it. Those touches baccus expanded font a Victorian feel, so the face is perhaps most appropriate where nostalgia is involved. Neither a true roman nor a true italic or obliqueit splits the difference between them with a slight slant that lends urgency to whatever text is set in the face. Save it for headings where its period appeal will mesh with the subject.


As it is, the curves evoke the Art Nouveau style to some extent, though the feeling of the face overall is entirely contemporary. JULIUS takes its inspiration from Serpentine—which seems an odd choice of name for so unsinuous and rectilinear a design.

Use it cautiously; these properties baccus expanded font make other faces look rather cramped and musty by comparison, so companion faces must be chosen with care.

In normal use it suggests a 3-D treatment. It introduces a certain air of nostalgic make-believe. Baccus expanded font is similar in appearance to the Data 70 font and is useful to suggest all sorts of automatic-processing equipment or high-tech information handling. Try to set it in at least point to baccuw a crowded, skimpy appearance.

The incomplete closure of the bowl on the “P” similar to that in Hermann Zapf’s Palatino is repeated in the “B” and the “e.

But they bqccus make superb dropcaps where their roughly Sixteenth Century flavor is consonant with the subject matter. It is neither high-style nor high-camp, but there’s plenty of room left for it between those extremes. The degree to which its stylization slows reading adds to the impact of heads but inhibits continuous reading, which is true of most stylish display faces.