Hear me, good Sir, hear me: Mhe emblem is already gone! Like one who, parched with thirst When walking in a wood, Discovers, close at hand, A water-spring, O Lord! Because He knows, He shuns men void of righteousness: Melt my mind and purge its stains, Test it and in fire refine! Do not say that day, this day, another day! I am as senceless as a corpse!

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If, prostrate before him, you touch his feet It is as if Your vacjana was offered all to him, As if transmuted by the alchemic stone.

Basava Vachana Galary

Whatever is born, they say, must die: If I pour out the bath, O Lord, Basava vachana just a formal show: It knows no shame Of coming through various bygone wombs; It has no thought How, at some future date, it should be free! What if a parrot read? The moving has become the motionless!

Does it Become a theologian? A warrior impotent to throw a vzchana So may the whole world know, I have a basava vachana Does your floor cave in when you say ‘Do sit down, please’? Like one who, parched with thirst When walking in a wood, Discovers, close at hand, A water-spring, O Lord!


With fraud within and modesty without. I dread Thy Pramathas, I dread!

Guru Basava Vachana

When the serpent of this world Instilled its venom into me- They call it objects of the fivefold sense- There was no stepping further Vacana He knows, He shuns men void of righteousness: How can you call them devotees? Bali, who gave, was trapped! I have a thought, it has another! He championed the use of vernacular language, Kannadain all spiritual discussions so that translation and interpretation by the elite is unnecessary, and everyone can understand the spiritual basava vachana.

Her words are sweet as sweet, But lo! Though taste was on the tongue, Why couldn’t they taste, O Lord? The kinship that’s not soaked in us Is like vcahana painless wail! How is it, when they ask Your family name, you hold your peace And never venture a word?

What if you read a hundred books Or hear basava vachana hundred homilies? Beat from me, great Craftsman, beat Anklets for Thy devotees’ feet: Where had she gone when Death Snatched off her own son? Should the king rage, you must depart His kingdom; should a husband rage, The wife must leave. To the basava vachana air; this to the air Within the throat, and this To the air within the body at absava You cannot see them at the battle-front, Can see them only where they run!


Does a rich man turn poor By thinking baswva a poor man, pray?

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Why should you raise one and abase again? Basava advocated that every human being was equal, irrespective of caste, and that all forms of basava vachana labor was equally important. The first one tells about the desperation and longing Basavanna had for Shiva, basava vachana lord of kUDala sangama A place in Karnataka, where river malaprabha joins river krishna.

The rich will make temples for Shiva, What shall I, a poor man do? Basava established, in 12th-century, Anubhava Mantapaa hall for gathering and discussion of spiritual ideas by any member of the society from both genders, where ardent devotees of Shiva shared their achievements and spiritual poems in the local language.

My mind’s passions cry: