They were both stopped now, at the fork in the path that led in one direction to the main buildings of the academy, and in the other, to the lightly wooded area midway up the hill in which were clustered the intake cottages. There were, of course, no vapors on the island. Call me when preparations have been made. There she is washed, fed and dressed in childish clothing as Nurse Ingrid begins teaching Clara to submit obediently to whatever demands may be made of her. You must have received word very quickly. She went through so much and managed to persevere through all of it. Clara doesn’t know it yet but she is destined for the nursery of Lord Bardwick, a tall and demanding man who wants nothing more in life than a grown woman he may treat as a dependent child.

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I eagerly await the sequel if there’s any. His member stiffened at the memory, and he rubbed at the front childebride island his trousers right there in front of the foreign nurse, whom he thought a comely piece of woman herself.

He had hardened the instant he spied childebride island, but this image of her burnished locks wrapped around his hand made his pego throb against his thigh. Sadly the story goes through her training, but it cuts short just as she meets Lord Bardwick.

A little harsha childebried bit predictible.

Childebride Island by Alice Liddell | LibraryThing

Enjoyed the story and detail of this book. The ending seems to setup a sequel childebride island it apparently hasn’t been written yet. You need rest to recover from the trials of your transport. She had her own way to break a girl into accepting the dose; one that she felt was better in the long run. Hopefully this means there is a sequel on the way, but I am starting to wonder.


I re-read it often, just wish there was a longer ending. I normally do not like childebride island kind of books but the way it was written, I couldn’t stop reading childebride island I finished. Published first published January 1st She was young — how young, it was hard to say, but in her white cotton nightdress with her hair loose about her childfbride, she was the very picture of virginal innocence.

Childebride Island by Alice Liddell – FictionDB

There is very little interaction between Clara and Broderick, which is a story I would be more interested in. It was better, naturally, not to ask too many questions as to how the girls were acquired. Although I can understand if there is another story coming I would still like childebride island know before I buy it. I did struggle, as usual for me, with my enjoyment of the non-consensual nature of the training, although Ms.

Not for everyone, as it does deal with many aspects childebride island some may find distasteful. The fact that our little is taught to complete oral after discipline for the pleasure of her daddy just brings me too close to that sadistic premise.


Excellent story, well written.

It didn’t seem like marriage was the end result. Well is there a sequel coming? We just recently placed one of them, Annelie, in childebride island unusually favorable situation.

He was not conscious of it, but chilcebride right hand rose to his chest and pressed against his heart. The vapors creep into your body through your nose and mouth while you sleep.

Childebride Island

My only sorrow is that childebride island are only 7 chapters! Unless someone decides you shall have a new name. I really enjoyed this book until the end, which was very abrupt. As head matron, Mrs. Lord Bardwick had been pestering Fillmore to find him a red-haired girl, childebride island he loved these hues above all others, but this little penny was a prize among prizes.

When he was close she pulled the little door open, and he placed his eye against the hole and his cheek against the smooth wood of the heavy door.

I sincerely hope this is only part one hint hint. Since then, he had made a pest of himself with inquiries on their progress. Dec 28, Joelle rated childebride island it was amazing. Once a girl had accepted the necessary training and learned chlldebride submit unquestioningly, she was carefully placed in the household of a gentleman who would prize her above all other possessions.