Hello, Does anyone has the cst microstripes manual or anything supporting material? The term “equidistant” means that the frequency sampling should be equidistant. Please add space at the boundaries if the simulation of a finite PEC structure is intended. For more information, please read our updated privacy policy. You have the possibility to manage the parameters and choose whether to accept certain cookies while on the site.

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Product Overview: CST MICROSTRIPES™ EMC Edition (CST MS/EMC)

Using matched terminations during the 3D simulation prevents the inner conductor from resonating, and minimizes required run time for the 3D simulation.

Try loading the material definition file ’tissues. The format is based on the IEC? Complex paths can be defined with mathematical cst microstripes Curves Law. Note the actual normal position of the reference plane should be defined, not the distance moved. First, open boundary conditions must be defined at the direction of incidence.

The cell size over lossy material is also limited mocrostripes the skindepth of the material. It will allocate no cst microstripes to calculate the electromagnetic fields inside the solid metal.

Indirectly by the name of the field source monitor and the excitation cst microstripes used: To all of you that have experience with cst microstripes. Actual minimum cell size is the default setting, since then the timestep for the model is then unaffected by refining edges. These are the far field radiation pattern, far field cuts and near field cylinder scan.


Please note that the phase shift is always related to the given phase reference frequency. Care should be taken when defining wire end points near to curved metal surface to ensure that the end points lie exactly on the surface if electrical cst microstripes is required.

CST MICROSTRIPES (free version) download for PC

This page allows field distributions and surface current distributions to be recorded at specified frequencies. Select Results Plot Options and experiment with the settings to see how the plot changes.

This micrrostripes ticked by default to allow overlaps. Delete cst microstripes previously made geometry by right clicking on midrostripes Group in cst microstripes Navigation Tree and selecting Delete. The user can set it as an integer fraction of the maximum 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40th of maximum or a Fixed value can be used.

Both sets of results will then be available for plotting in the graph option dialog. The visualization of cst microstripes linear plane wave excitation is displayed in the picture below. Cookie Microstrripes When you browse our website, cookies are enabled by default and data may be read or stored locally on your device. This program combines a user-friendly interface with unsurpassed simulation performance.

Cst Microstripes

Note you will probably have to use the mouse wheel to zoom in to be able to accurately select the edge, or cst microstripes the enclosure. A complete description of the farfield source file microxtripes can be found here. Fill in the required fields in the contact form cst microstripes the right and click “Send Us Your Request”.


Lean back and wait until one of our CST Experts contacts you.

The color, nicrostripes and pattern for the plot lines being displayed can be changed, and the extents for the x and cst microstripes axis can be adjusted using inputs in the dialog. Please let me know.

Significant Software Release CST MICROSTRIPES

Other brands and their products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be noted as such. Which Products are you interested in? Any PEC plane touching the boundaries is automatically detected as a decoupling plane. Double click the Cst microstripes node in the Navigation Tree. Y to add a plane of E field to the display. Directly cst microstripes absolute path to an existing FSM file: In case of plane wave excitation onto an infinite periodic structure, the unit cell approach is recommended, which is accessible via the boundary dialog.