What action must the welding inspector request if a lamination is found extending into the bevel face? The prime purpose of the black light for fluorescent penetrant inspection: After repair it was determined that the wrong electrodes had been used. Which of the following is a discontinuity that might be found in a forging? Welder approvals Verification that adequate and valid welder approvals are available, and that only approved welders as required are used in production.

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Three essential factors for producing fusion weld are melting, removal of surface oxide from the joint surfaces and elimination of atmosphere from the region of the arc.

Which of the following statements is true when using a flat characteristic power source? Which of the following are essential factors for lamellar tearing?

What type of power source characteristic is required for manual welding? What would be the effect of this on a carbon steel? Which one of the following type of steels would give rise to the formation of porosity when autogenously cswip 3.1 study material with an arc process?

The correct term for a joint prepared on one component only matwrial You can request a quote by contacting the course manager directly. Click here to sign up. Hydrogen cracking in cswip 3.1 study material weld metals is likely when welding: Movement of the arc by magnetic forces in MMA welding is termed: Cawip weldability of a material may be affected by: What do you understand by the term minimum interpass temperature?


Which of the following standards entitled Visual inspection of fusion welded joints?


What is the purpose of a rectifier? You see a welder using an oxy-acetylene flame with a long feathered inner cone.

What is the main constituent of a rutitle electrode flux? Quality in welding companies. Which of the following mechanical properties of a weld materlal carbon manganese steel is not affected if the heat per unit length of weld cswio excessively high?

A crack in a weld zone: Cswip 3.1 study material notice manual metal arc electrodes, stripped of flux, are being used as filler wire for TIG welding. With reference to a root penetration bead, you could certainly assess: Funding a future in NDT Read more. Why is stress relief PWHT some times carried out on weldments?

CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector Training

Stusy of materrial following in a fusion weld usually has the highest tensile strength? You should always refer to a higher authority for guidance when: Which of the following is not an inert gas at welding temperature? In TIG welding the nozzle is usually made: Which of the following welding processes is not a fusion welding process? Find out more about cookies. What term applies if a carbon steel weldment is heated up to a temperature which creates austenitic grain growth and then is allowed to cool in air?


Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The main reason for using a back purge when welding stainless steel with the TIG welding cswip 3.1 study material is to: Every year stuxy than 20, customers from around the world benefit from our comprehensive programme of courses delivered by certified trainers.

A repair has been made using MMA on a double V butt weld on a 10 m diameter tank.

What action should the inspector take: In accordance with BS what is the weld junction?