Watch the video below, followed by a behind-the-scenes clip in the second video player. Views Read Edit View history. So I gave it a shot and halfway through I got stuck and they had to come in and tow me out. The next day I received a call informing me I got the part. US Billboard Hot [7]. One day while on a run, Beavers passed a cop car and thought of the slang term for police, which is ‘po-po’.

dierks bentley 5150

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Romance can, of course, not only get crazy but also quite messy! I understand from your mom it was filmed in your hometown—did you grow up going to the Big Nasty RV Park or other similar places? I cant wait to see what she will do next.

dierks bentley 5150

I have towels in it right now so I can drive it around. Anonymous Thu Jun 14, This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat Watch the official video and the outtakes on the DBTV dierls below. She told me that everyone was professional, organized and most of all really nice.


Plus it gave me a chance to take my truck down and hang with these people all day long and play music. What Does Mean?

dierks bentley 5150

How much of a Dierks fan were you before the video? Dierks Bentley had a whole lot of fun shooting the video for his new single ” By definition, is police code for a person who is mentally ill or crazy.

Dierks Bentley ‘5-1-5-0′ Video Gets Dirty

I moved to Nashville to pursue the music business. I was directed on set.

dierks bentley 5150

Then, she had to collect them all again to get the “labels” covered, then passed them all out again–and make sure everyone was 21! They changed the pronunciation of the numbers to five-one-five-oh, and began writing from there. gentley

Canada Canadian Hot [6]. No, This was my first time ever being behind a video camera. The winner is the person who goes the farthest distance in the mud pit.

Views Read Edit View history. He got farther than we all expected, but once the truck was stuck, Dierks and his band mates jumped in the mud.

What Does 5-1-5-0 Mean? The Answer to Dierks Bentley’s Hit Song [VIDEO]

disrks Beavers said that he changed the pronunciation from “fifty-one-fifty” to “five-one-five-oh”, and rhymed it with “somebody call the po-po” after seeing a police car. Country NewsExclusives. One day while on a run, Beavers passed a cop car and thought of the slang term for police, which is ‘po-po’. I assure you before the day was over I had mud on me. How did you get through the whole video without getting muddy?


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What did you have to do for your audition? Retrieved June 1, It was a dream! Retrieved 13 May In it, the narrator sings that his lover is making him “crazy”. What are your thoughts on the song and final video? I met with the director at a coffee shop and spoke with him.

They talk about Georgia clay and it is; it’s not mud, it’s so thick.