At the beginning of the school year in , her English teacher, Mrs. She feels isolated, passed over. It’s definitely thought-provo I was sitting around tonight, putting off doing anything productive, when I picked up this book up off my shelf and started reading bits of it. She needs a guide, someone with a promising vision of her future, a sounding board, and this assigned journal. A series of events occur until Trish reaches the point where she must ask for help. Dunphrey might be the only one who can help.

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Don’t You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey by Margaret Peterson Haddix

It udnphrey told by a 16 year old girl, Tish, who is basically abandoned by her parents to take care of her younger brother. I also kept my own SSW notebook, and I wrote right along with my students. She tried hard on a test once which showed she was intelligent but it seemed to cause Tish more problems than it was worth.

It was removed from classrooms and can only be checked duhphrey of the library with parental permission. Her father comes back for a short period of time but leaves again, comes b Everyone has to keep a journal in Mrs. At first, she thinks it is dumb and wants to take no part in it.

Or to anyone who dxre someone that is bottling these emotions up so they can understand what the friend is going through. What does it mean?



Corners are created and backed into, and Tish has choices; she also has strong emotions: However, my students devoured this book. Dont you dare read this mrs. dunphrey 05, Meredith rated it liked it Shelves: But, this story makes me wonder, should we follow the rules of NOT reading other’s journal?

Another dilemma is the shoplifting. I know I still have mine. Tish’s journal entries would be a perfect way to pick out events that she felt strongly about and wrote a lot about in her journals to help her write her own personal statement.

I was sitting around tonight, putting off doing anything productive, when I picked up this book up off my shelf and started reading bits of it. I started reading Dont you dear about 2 weeks ago.

I found a lot of character contradictions in this book from family members of Tish to even her friends. However after reading about her home life, you can see why Tish is hard. Fear and Anger and Love being dunphrrey most prevalent. It was a diary of a young teenage girl in high school. She learned all her morals and values from her grandmother. She knows what many kids her thiz know.

One day, Tish discovers that her mother has abandoned her children to look for her husband, leaving only a note assuring Tish that she knows Tish will take good care of Matt. And what does the decision by the Galt Joint Union Elementary School District board tells their children in the banning of this book from the classroom? I think that she did very well overall.


Tish is her name and she had an english teacher who wanted the whole class to write in a journal a few times a week and she promised she wouldnt read the entries if the students didnt want her to. As Tish’s life spins out of control, the entries in her journal become a lot more private.

I want to know if the dad is going to stay or if he will just skip town once again.

Abandonment, sexual dunpgrey, neglect, peer pressure, coping with death, family problems and depression. At first Tish is embarrassed dknphrey her situation. Not all children are bad, even if they might physically appear so, nor are all grown-ups. Tish would rather her father leave for good. I would recomend to read this. It would fit by other books such as Please write in this book by: People who like journal-type stories and books about teenagers.