You do not need to give us your name or email address, unless you are asking a question and would like to receive a reply. With each of the keyboards, the user can switch between English and Kurdish, English and Arabic, or English and Persian, by pressing the caps lock key. When you select the Kurmanji, Cyrillic, or English keyboard, the input direction will automatically change to left to right. It was written about A. See what our customers say about our products and services.

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A fourth keyboard is for Arabic, with a phonetic layout, and the fifth keyboard is for Persian, with a phonetic layout. However, both Unicode and non-Unicode versions of LaserKurdish may be installed on your system since kkeyboard have different file and font names and may even be kurdihs in the same documents. If you discover any program that does support these features, please contact us! The fonts include OpenType layout features which provide automatic contextualization of consonants and proper positioning of vowels and diacritic marks as you type.

LaserKurdish in Unicode for Macintosh provides four high-quality, Unicode-encoded Kurdish fonts described keyboard kurdish sorani in TrueType OpenType format for standard modern Kurdish, Arabic, and Persian, for typing right to left keyboard kurdish sorani proper line wrap and full justification in Mellelsold separately. Click on it to start sofani of the program file ending in.

LaserKurdish in Unicode for Macintosh includes five keyboard layouts. Applications Requires Mellelsold separately. Documents may be freely exchanged between Windows and Macintosh users, with no conversion or special handling necessary, as long as the fonts are installed and each user has a compatible application.


Sorani Kurdish Conversion : Arabic Latin Alphabet • LEXILOGOS >>

No conversion of files is necessary when transferring files back and forth between Windows and Macintosh if the system and application requirements are met on both computers. Contact Linguist’s Software about compatibility questions and about the availability of a non-Unicode version of this product that works in all applications. We believe this is keyboaed far the best price keyboard kurdish sorani anywhere.

Scheherazade and Lateef Krudish The Unicode fonts Scheherazade and Lateef downloadable below are two fonts that support writing in Sorani. Do you need to upgrade? Documents containing Roman-script Kurdish Kurmanji and Cyrillic-script Kurdish may be transferred to a Macintosh user, but Keyboard kurdish sorani documents containing these two scripts will not read correctly when transferred to Windows.

The photographic quality and color reproduction is amazingly faithful to the original. Please be sure you understand the System Requirements for Windows and Macintosh before you order. The fonts do not include the distinctive symbols of Koranic Arabic. Testimonials See what our customers say about our products and services.

Kurdish Keyboard – تەختەکلیل کوردی

The Unicode fonts Keeyboard and Lateef downloadable below are two fonts that support writing in Sorani. Users may view the documentation on screen or print it using Acrobat Readeravailable free online if you do not already have it. Your e-mail address optional: Compatibility with Macintosh Fonts: Check the current version number and a Release History. Certain diacritics will not position correctly. LaserKurdish in Unicode for Windows includes six keyboard layouts that provide four-characters-per-key input instead of the normal two in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and Keyboard kurdish sorani.


You can send us a message using the contact form below. For example, in the case of Windows 7: The user may switch back and forth between Kurdish Arabic-script, Kurxish, or Cyrillic-script keyboard kurdish sorani, Arabic, Persian, English, and the other supported Latin languages simply by toggling between the six included keyboard drivers, without changing fonts. To download the Sorani Kurdish Arabic-style script keyboard, go to http: Three of the keyboards support Kurdish; one supports Arabic; one supports Persian; and one supports English and the other Latin 1 languages supported by the fonts.

This keyboard also supports Arabic. Please be sure you read the System Requirements before you order. Send us your comments or questions You can send us a message using the keyboard kurdish sorani form below. Type English when the caps lock key is up, and the other supported language when the caps lock key is down. Even applications that claim to be Unicode and OpenType compliant e.