Description provided by artist representative. More Piya Jannat 1. Mohammad Assaf is a Palestinian pop singer well known for being the winner of the second season of Arab Idol, broadcast by the MBC network. But when it comes to music, both are rock stars with a loyal fan base that defies borders! This is the odd music video between the guy who sings for cab drives and poor people in Egypt, and the pop diva from Lebanon who happens to be a big supporter of women rights in the Middle East.

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Their title song “Ya El Midan”, featuring notable Egyptian singer Aida el Ayoubi who had previously retired in the s, ranked number one on Facebook worldwide for downloads and number eight on YouTube with more than half a million views on the video channel in just two days following its internet release.

Aasabo Talaga Shireen Abdul Wahab 1. This is set to be one of the greatest and most anticipated hits. El Shafei was keeping a very mafeesh mostaheel eye to the details of that project and has travelled to mafeesh mostaheel the music video in berlin with the all-so-controversial and hilarious YouTube’s Abla Fahita.

About the artist

Songs from Similar Artists. By the age of 15, Ajram signed a recording contract with EMI and released her debut studio album Mihtagalak. This album was released worldwide on June 10th.

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Hassan El Shafei Mafeesh Mostaheel (feat. Nicole Saba & Abd El Basset Hamouda) Single [2013]

The band mainly concentrates on presenting music and songs talking about social problems. Her breakthrough occurred with the start of her collaboration with well-known Lebanese producer Jiji Lamara, when mosraheel released her controversial Egyptian smash hit single “Akhasmak Ah” and third studio album Ya Salam in which she adopted a public image as a sex symbol while reinventing her music.


His no-nonsense direct approach to judging, extensive knowledge in the music industry and mafeesh mostaheel wit mafeesh mostaheel proved a huge success mwfeesh the show and he has always been on point with all his comments in every single episode. Alama began his career in the s when he appeared as a contestant on the talent show broadcast Studio El Fan, on which he received the Platinum Award.

Description provided by artist representative. Donia Samir Ghanem 0. For months, everyone, on all social media aspects has anticipated mafeesh mostaheel “Mayestahlushi” was.

Alama’s fame came after Studio El Fan followed by yearly albums and number-one hit singles such as “Ya rait”, “‘Aan Jad” and “Alby Asheq’ha” which was the first Arabic song in history to be made into a music video. Mosh Ananeya Myriam Fares 1. The Starbucks album Starz Vol. Please note, this is one of the first Arabic songs where the name of the producer comes before the name of the artist to rightfully credit him for his hard labor. Naweeha Mohamed Hamaki 1.

Shady Ahmed Hassan El Shafei 1. Having successfully worked with the biggest names in the Arab music industry as a composer, arranger and record producer, not just creating chart topping hits, but also winning mafeesh mostaheel, recognition and respect. Carmen Soliman] Hassan El Shafei 1.

The beloved and hit music producer Hassan El Shafei—yes the judge on Arab Idol put these two odd elements together to make a mafeesh mostaheel duet to close the summer season. Even after those noticeable and prominent projects Yet it did not stop here for El Shafei was not done surprising his fans yet. Love is not their main concern although it represents a part of their songs.


Mafeesh Mostaheel – Hassan El Shafei | Credits | AllMusic

Pepsi Mix El Balad – Mafeesh mostaheel. He is considered one of the most popular figures in Arabic music and is often called The King of Mageesh or simply The King. Wael Mansour Hassan El Shafei 1. This is two random elements—good on their own put together to make one interesting track that came with so much hype.

Nicole Saba reaches mafeesh mostaheel more educated fans and chic demographics. Published on August 28th, by hotarabic. The following year, she released her second album Sheel Oyoonak Anni.

In spite of being under the legal age, Ajram was exceptionally accepted to the Syndicate of Professional Artists in Lebanon. Yet El Shafei is considered to be one of the few producers with unique talents ranging from composing and orchestrating classical pieces to programming mafeesh mostaheel funk electro beats, with a knowledge and a passion for many different genres, El Shafei has his own unique sound; blending different cultures together and creating new ones.