She is an aspect of and the creative force of the Divine Oneness manifesting as Nature and Life. Most of the page is taken up by direct quotes from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Even in the article you presented, the study involves young people: If you stop it, if you put some pressure on it, then it springs back up two minutes later … And there is no inner consent at all. I have one, if required i can scan it and send it by email.

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She says all this in the agenda.

Or you can just listen to my CD, Zen Voyage for other different mantras. Not necessarily enjoyable but interesting. Is Shiva is a personification of concept, an archetype if you will?

Mantra: Divine Vibrations of All | Through the Peacock’s Eyes

It came back suddenly, and as it came back spontaneously, I kept it. I replied that I could always do that. In that way it is more effective. It is vibration of pure Existence, instinct with the perceptive and originative power of infinite and omnipotent consciousness, shaped by the Mind behind mind into the inevitable word anandanayi the Truth of things; om anandamayi chaitanyamayi of whatever substance on whatever plane, the form or physical expression emerges by its creative agency.

Thus we see that the theory of creation by the Word which is the absolute expression of the Truth, and the theory of the material creation by sound-vibration in the ether correspond and are two logical poles of the same idea. This, then, is the supreme Word, Speech of our speech.


It chews on words, it chews on ideas om anandamayi chaitanyamayi feelings — interminably. We just have to wait chaitanyqmayi see. The Twameva Sarvam mantra, sometimes called the Twameva Mata mantra after the first two words, is a another beautiful Vedic meditation chant. February 11, at 9: Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

The Japa Of The Mantra “Om anandamayi chaitanyamayi satyamayi parame”

Take the Self Improvement Tour. And yet I consider him to be my primary guide abandamayi his writings. Email required Address never made public. The japa is usually successful only on one of two conditions — if it is repeated with a sense of its significance, a dwelling of something in the mind on the nature, power, om anandamayi chaitanyamayi, attraction of the Godhead it signifies and is to bring into the consciousness, — that is the mental way; or if it comes up from the heart or rings in it with a certain sense or feeling of bhakti making it alive, — that is the emotional way.

Savitri Era Devotees: Om Anandamayi Chaitanyamayi – Jagjit Singh

You are commenting using your Facebook account. The words of a realised man carry a natural authority, power, and simplicity that cannot be imitated. Then Lele said that there was no need of further instructions. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Notify me of new posts via email. And does anyone or has anyone memorized Savitri?


Moreover, when Sri Aurobindo read this prayer in Prayers and Meditations, he told me it was om anandamayi chaitanyamayi strong.

I was probably the only one to notice it. Such a limited power gives no idea of the original creative puissance which the old thinkers attributed to the divine Word.

Though mantra is not a firm part of my practice. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Sri Aurobindo did not write the English translation. And the power is automatically there, because the experience is there. Has anyone had similar experiences memorizing Savitri?

Cancel reply Enter your comment here Nama-japa has always been recognised as a potent means of realisation, not only in India but in all countries where mysticism has been practised.

Cancel reply Enter om anandamayi chaitanyamayi comment here As soon as my concentration is not absolute, the physical mind starts up — it grabs at anything, anything at all, any word, fact or event that comes along, and it starts turning, turning.