Even when he’s wrong, he’s right. Madayash yareit wala sania. Ya araa el nas, Fe eneik ehsas. Don’t waste time, not even a second. Oh most kind person, There is affection in your eyes. Arab mothers are famous for the “bade kassrak” gesture that comes out in full force pretty much every time you see her. Arrab menni shwaya shwaya.

sada2ni khalas

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Add mateqdar arab tani. Words like to2borne and habibi will come in handy during his public speeches where he expresses his unconditional love whenever he gets the chance. Kind of like your Arab mother right?

10 times Donald Trump was inspired by your Arab mom

And it’s like you were created just for me. As much as you can, come closer.

Arab mothers are famous for the “bade kassrak” gesture that comes out in full force pretty much every time you see her. Ana mehtaglak tefdal ganbi. Trump tried the “bade kassrak” gesture and loved it.


sada2ni khalas

Arrab menni shwaya shwaya. And if you’re stubborn enough to keep debating, that’s when an angry index finger comes out along with a “khalas” to put you to shame.

You’re only setting yourself up for failure.

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Albi we albak sawa yetlao. This is the love nobody has ever tasted. I’m 11 years old Mother: Even if you list a number of facts that prove your mother wrong But, whenever you decide to open up and tell her something Be yakhodni saxa2ni bansa el donia.

He just needs to learn to perfect the “zaghrouta” and he’ll be good to go.

Sada2ni Khalas

Ah habibi, Add ma teqdar, arrab tani. By Leyal Khalife Executive Editor.

sada2ni khalas

So, believe me when I say you’ll regret this. You have filled my world.

He never forgets anything Embrace me with your arms, If I am precious to you. Believe me, that’s it. Ya saada2ni el nas, Fe eneik ehsas.


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Sounds a bit like Trump, too, no? When I see them, I forget the world. Even when he’s wrong, he’s right. I need you to stay next to me.

As long as I am with you, There is an angel in front me You have made me never shut my eyes.

sada2ni khalas

El donia enta maletha alaya. My darling, my darling. Madayash yareit wala sania. She pretends to listen to you