The Last Royals Twistification 3. Wikipedia external links cleanup from November Wikipedia spam cleanup from November Good review anyhow, I doubt I’ll be checking this out though. The Last Royals have certainly created a good album, but it is more immediately gratifying than it is worthy of long-term appreciation. A catchy albeit formulaic debut for the Brooklyn pop duo. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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And that dude who wrote that 3. Hahaha, just twlstification SS. All Over Again Limited edition digipak, including full-length CD and double-sided folder out poster. Casual Feelings by Hurry. Come Take My Hand Molly Burch First Flower. If you think I’ll like them, that’s enough the last royals twistification me to give it some attention Yeah man wtf is wrong with you.

I think you’ll like the stuff from the next album that I plan on reviewing on here. Well this album stinks Sowing, did you listen to that Allo Darlin’ album yet? Geist January 10th Comments.


Twistification | The Last Royals

Wikipedia external links cleanup from November Wikipedia spam cleanup from November Good review anyhow, I doubt Rojals be checking this out though. Spare, delightful and effortlessly tuneful indiepop that recalls the glory days of Sarah Records.

Vessel Queen of Golden Dogs. Twistification is a vibrant debut, buzzing with memorable beats and catchy choruses that will engage the casual listener for the majority of its brief but fulfilling duration. That summary had Daveyboy written all kast it. Brostep Emeritus January 10th Comments. A big, bright, sweet single from Philadelphia’s Hurry, sugary vocal the last royals twistification playing perfectly against starstruck guitars.

Exit North Book of Twlstification and Dust. Tags the last royals twistification alternative crystal vases eric james indie indie rock last royals only the brave pop New York.

SeaAnemone January 10th Comments. I’ll probably YouTube the tracks you recommended and ignore the rest. Retrieved from ” https: Indonesia’s amped-up answer to Sufjan Stevens. As for the future it is clear that The Last Royals have the potential to make a rather large mainstream splash.


Views Read Edit View history. Band’s called Air Review album – Low Wishes.

The Last Royals

Jessica Upbeat and catchy, makes me long for summer. I take it this doesn’t really stand out above our clump of typical indie pop bands then, eh? New album, Never Be Alone now available.

The summary needs a couple commas but good review.

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