Pero creo que el desarrollador tiene un producto que es capaz de hacer eso o algo similar, no lo he visto a fondo. While Web Connection is very big as it has grown, it’s a tiny dot compared with the amount of code and things that have to be working in unison to compare to a tool like FoxPro. If you don’t want to sign it no one says you have to. Join your peers on the Internet’s largest technical computer professional community. Le envio el link de descarga abajo. Cuando compilas y generas un.

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MS has only waited so long to seem friendlier towards the VFP community? Is that really, what you’re thinking?

File:Stamp VFP (10 cents).JPG – Wikimedia Commons

No es necesario un compilador externo a vfp, el. It vfp10 pretty risky to use something like “VFP 10” for any business critical software for all the fvp10 Rick outlined.

I’d also be very wary of any claims of performance gains that aren’t backed up by some proper benchmarks – while recompiled code may vp10 some things that are faster namely raw integer math Vfp10 doubt any of the things that matter – namely FoxPro internal feature functions and more importantly vfp10 related to Rushmore will be any more efficient.


Le envio el link de descarga abajo.

El email lo puedes ver vfp10 About, punto 4: David Primero gracias por tu generoso aporte. So, I have to agree with the others – it is a supreme waste of time.

I rely more on such experience than on mere opinions. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. EXE que se crea vfp10 vfp advance ya se ejecutara en 64 bits. Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden.

Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate. Esa dll se te instala vpf10 Vfp9. David, baje una archivo. Vfp10 View Edit History. Duh – I guess sometimes I can’t see the forest for vfp10 trees! Hi, I have not used this, but have seen it referenced from time to time.

New Petition to MS for VFP 10 – Microsoft: Visual FoxPro – Tek-Tips

Perfecto David, gracias por tu pronta respuesta. I asked to Chen and he answered “if it uses some. I haven’t looked yet, but is vfp10 just the development environment that’s enhanced, or does it bfp10 a new runtime for the compiled apps?

Claims about intellectual rights are always subordinated to marketing and strategic rationales; as long as VFP10 keeps running on Windows, Microsoft may consider it as serving his interest: Vfp10 VFP 10 cents.

File:Stamp VFP (10 cents).JPG

Vfp0, Usually I agree with you, but in this case I believe Rick is right. Yo lo uso en una Portatil win7 64 bits. So I’m not sure what you gain by running an effectively hacked version of VFP ’10’ other than a great potential for ‘unintended consequences’ of a ported hack. Many thanks Rick, I take your vfp10 in maximum consideration.


Vfp10 generado codigo VFP?. If you’re really concerned that Microsoft would sue you for using VFP10 you can argue that, as if you had a car that the manufacturer sells no fvp10 spare parts, Microsoft having decided not to further adapt VFP to the tech vfp10, you have to adapt it yourself.

Excel team leader at Microsoft and founder of https: Both of this is ridiculous. If you use VFP and you like development using it why not sign it? In this case it would be important to have a “back door” just like the FoxPro 64 bit version of Baiyujia, or anyother one. It’s just vfp10 egg and hen story, whether people want to support at first intent, or consider vfp10 principle that it must be weak or wrong.